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I'm A Writer, You're a Writer...
A Little on the Writing Life
Most people don't consider themselves writers by trade, although the vast majority of jobs require some sort of writing.  Where would lawyers be without their legal briefs, wills, and contracts?  How would scientists share their research without journal articles?  How could executives communicate without the ability to write convincing business letters and strong marketing verbiage?
I didn't think of myself as a writer when I first started my career, either.  I had a degree in chemistry and worked in a laboratory and then for an EPA contractor.  I wasn't a writer, right?  Wrong.  Looking back at my life, writing is one of the few constants I see, although I never really thought about it back then.
As a child, I loved to compose stories and learned to make my own storybooks, binding them with cardboard, paper bags, and tape.  I wrote family newsletters whenever the mood struck, and still do today (although now on a regular basis).  When other kids groaned about assignments of papers and essays, I said, "OK, cool," and got to work.  One of my favorite places to be was the library.
I always wrote, although I never thought about it much.  As a research assistant in college, I worked in the lab, but was also required to compile my data into reports and to present them orally.  A course in technical writing was required for graduation.  As a contract chemist, I helped to write methods, sampling reports, and other documentation.  I was blessed that it came easily, and I guess that's why I didn't give my writing much thought.  It's that age-old inclination to take things for granted.  But I don't do that anymore.
In 1994, my job title changed from "Chemist" to "Technical Writer," and it was a surprisingly natural transition.  I've since branched into other types of writing, including marketing/promotions, fiction, and web content, and now concentrate on my own works half-time.  (With the other half of my day, I co-own a pet sitting and concierge company.)
Considering the number of different things I've written (from manuals and instructions to newsletters and stories), I have do doubt I'll be putting words on paper in some way, shape, or form for the rest of my life.
Thank you for visiting my web site!
Kim Sheard

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