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Kim Sheard's Fiction Credits

"Designer Kid," short story in Shelter of Daylight, Autumn 2011 A 14-year-old's deepest secret gets out, putting him on the run. SF
"Tropical Elevation," Long and Short Reviews Thrifty Thursday short story, September 9, 2010 A young woman recovers from clinical depression, takes the trip of a lifetime and--just possibly--finds love. Romance
"Reading Between the Lines," short story in True Confessions, August 2010 Grandma has a secret that her young twin grandchildren force her to address. Romance Confession
"New Territory," short story in Atomjack Magazine, November 2009 A young human girl on an exploratory spaceship makes a big mistake that highlights just how difficult growing up is. SF
"Designer Kid," short story in Crossed Genres Magazine, September 2009 A 14-year-old's deepest secret gets out, putting him on the run.SF
The Show Must Go On, novella, BookStrand, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, and Kindle e-book formats and print version AVAILABLE NOW!, 2009 Allyson Parker is in many ways the stereotypical shy librarian. She finds an outlet for her wilder side, though, by performing in community theater, where she can become someone else—someone infinitely more interesting and more confident. In the premiere of a new musical comedy, partnered in her first romantic lead with newcomer Matt Dauer, she begins to hope that life can imitate art. But she must overcome her bashfulness and self-doubts, cultivated by years of frequent relocations, in order to keep his interest.

Matt has just moved to Washington, D.C. from Chicago to escape a cheating, diva ex-girlfriend. However, he is also now far from his parents and two brothers. His greatest desire is to create a new family as tight-knit as the one he grew up in. In the short-term, he’d just like to make some new friends to help him forget all he left behind. He must return to that past, though, when his ex is involved in a serious car accident and he is called on to help. Unfortunately, his benevolent act may mean the end of his blossoming relationship with Allyson.

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"My Life With a Soundtrack", short story in Expanded Horizons Magazine, July 2009 An accomplished flautist yearns to compose, as well. A meeting with an elderly maestro seems to make that wish come true.Fantasy
"Confessions of a Disgruntled Employee: 'I Want Revenge!'", short story in True Confessions, July 2009 A supermarket employee vows revenge on the store manager who's made her job a nightmare. Confession
"On Air: Lights, Camera...Love!" short story in True Love, June 2009 A young woman needs help taming her Jack Russell terrier.Romance Confession

Contemporary Romance Category

Movin' Up With J.J., novella,
The Wild Rose Press, e-book and print book both AVAILABLE NOW!, 2009.
Alexandra Coulter awaits the temporary worker needed for her Movin’ Up crew to pack and relocate the offices of a patent attorney. When a man strolls toward them, she assumes this is the temp and shouts out instructions. She has a business to run and a deadline to meet, and can’t get distracted by the handsome stranger.

Jacob Edward Chamberlain, Jr. needs to retrieve trade secrets left unsecured, and figures joining the moving crew will accomplish this without jeopardizing his practice. What J.J. doesn’t share is the offices are his and his father is running for New Jersey governor.

Will Alex’s wish to experience something more enjoyable in life than work triumph over J.J.’s deception about his identity?

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"Daughter Dilemma: Was the Adoption a Mistake?" short story in True Confessions, December 2008 A mother finds the daughter she adopted from a Russian orphanage too hard to handle...and to love.Confession
"New Territory," short story in Beyond Centauri, July 2008 A young human girl on an exploratory spaceship makes a big mistake that highlights just how difficult growing up is.SF
"Heart to Heart: Life's Just Sweeter When You Have a Valentine," short story in True Love, February 2008 High cholesterol and an admonition from her doctor force a woman to take up mall walking for exercise. Healthy living and cinnamon buns don't mix—or do they? The handsome owner of the mall's sweet shop would like to think so!Romance Confession
"Puppy Love: Looking For Romance? Get a Dog!" short story in True Confessions, February 2008 A young woman helps out a friend by dogsitting her Golden Retriever. This includes a trip to the dog park, where a skirmish between dogs introduces her to the reticent owner of a flashy German Shorthaired Pointer.Romance Confession
"Justice for Mom," short story in True Confessions, December 2007 The mother of a young woman is murdered, and the police insist she knew her killer. How does this traumatic event shape her daughter's life?Confession
"The Letter Editor," short story in New Writings in the Fantastic, Pendragon Press, 2007 A therapist's patient insists he's from outer space. Is it true, or is he just another Las Vegas wacko?

This collection was nominated for the British Fantasy Society Best Anthology award.
"Confessions of 'The Other Woman,'" short story in True Confessions, May 2007 A woman falls in love with a coworker and accompanies him on vacation. Only then does she discover he is married...and has a baby on the way. Can she stand to be "the other woman?"Confession
"Sibling Rivalry--Even As Adults: My Brother Would Rather Die Than Accept My Kidney," short story in True Confessions, December 2006 A young woman's parents always gave her praise, ignoring her older brother. Does he hate his sister so much he won't accept her offer of a new kidney, even if the alternative is death?Confession
"Founders' Day," short story in WomanScapes, DLSIJ Press, 2006 The female governor of the colony planet Gastonia juggles family and her duties during Founders' Day, the biggest holiday of the year. Then an unfamiliar ship arrives with a gruff and potential hostile alien captain. Communications must improve or this could be Gastonia's last Founders' Day.SF
"Holiday," short story in Continuum Science Fiction, Winter 2006 Two friends on holiday find a downed alien spacecraft that could mean the return of a hostile force that arrived on their planet during the days of their grandparents.SF
"Winds of Change," short story in Star Trek Voyager: Distant Shores, Pocket Books, 2005 Kes, restless and unsure after her possession by the warlord Tiernan, approaches B'Elanna Torres regarding potential outlets for her uncharacteristic aggression. Together the women build a windmill...and a friendship.Star Trek SF
"Ninety-three Hours," short story in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds III, Pocket Books, 2000 [Second prize] In ninety-three hours Ezri Tigan and the symbiont Dax will meld permanently. Her ship races toward Trill to make sure that doesn't happen, while Ezri deals with the supposedly temporary occupation of her body and mind.Star Trek SF
"Touched," short story in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds II, Pocket Books, 1999 One of Voyager's shuttles crashes on an alien planet and the only witness is a young girl struggling to find her way in her world.Star Trek SF

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